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Attention, Missouri Poets!

If you feel as though that salutation applies to you, it probably does: You write poetry, and you feel a strong connection to the Show-Me State. Maybe you live in Missouri, or once did. Maybe you were born here or educated here. If you’ve ever had a Missouri address, we consider you one of us.

Here’s what’s up: We’re putting together an anthology of Missouri poets for our state’s bicentennial, which is 2021. The book will be out early next year, and it will feature work by diverse Show-Me writers. We’re after strong voices and excellent poems that feature finely honed craft. We are hoping for a mix of established and emerging talents.

Submissions may be made by writers at any point in their career, and they may be in any style. We are particularly interested in (but by no means limiting ourselves to) Missouri place-based poetry, whether that place is the Ozark wilderness, a rural town, or the urban landscape.

The nuts and bolts:

· Send up to five poems in your first batch, and after our response, please feel free to submit five new ones. Please put them all in the same document.

· The work must be something you would identify as poetry, regardless of style or form.

· The work must be original.

· We are happy to consider reprints, but you must identify the original publisher at the submission stage.

· Please identify your connection to Missouri in your cover letter, and also add a bio that may be used as a contributor’s note. You’ll have a chance to update this before publication.

· Deadline: October 1, 2020.

With questions, please write to Missouri Poet Laureate Karen Craigo at karen.craigo@gmail.com.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.